Thursday, April 06, 2006

The vending machine across from Central Park

The new vending machine center on Fourth Ave. TarentumApologies to residents of the Big Apple who landed here looking for news about a somewhat older and larger urban garden.

This week I noticed a new development across Fourth Avenue from Central Park and the Central Presbyterian Church of Tarentum. It's a shiny new vending machine selling Pepsi products. There is no price sign visible on the machine, but a successful customer explained to me that it takes $1.15 to dispense a 20 ounce bottle. The vending machine will probably do pretty good business because there is a lot of pedestrian traffic past it in the course of a day.

However, the best local price for pop (that's soda for readers who are not from the Pittsburgh region) is nearby at Calligan's Pharmacy, where one can pay a friendly cashier $0.51 for a 12 ounce can sold from a cooler. They will even offer you a straw!

A stretch of 4th Ave. waiting for pedestrians and Pepsi purchasers

I have no reason to expect Eva Longoria to make an appearance in the rain on Fourth Avenue, but I sure hope the Steelers don't draft the newest resident of the block.

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