Monday, April 03, 2006

Grand Opening of Superior Sports Cards

Grand Opening of Superior Sports Cards in Tarentum, April 1, 2006Superior Sports Cards had their long-awaited Grand Opening in Tarentum on Saturday, April 1. (Previous articles are here and here and here.)

The business had been in the Highlands Mall in Natrona Heights for 18 years, but moved when that mall was slated for closure. It is a bit ironic that the opening of large shopping centers in Natrona Heights was associated with the loss of business in Tarentum decades ago, but now Tarentum is becoming a place to which niche businesses are returning.

Yu-Gi-OhWhen I visited the store there was a table at which a number of area young people were playing Yu-Gi-Oh, a card game with an associated cartoon TV show on which cartoon characters play the game. Store owner Drew Jonczak plans to offer times when large numbers of young people can get together at the store for Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments Thursdays from 4 to 7. The store sells cards for the game.

The store sells sports trading cards, as one might expect from the name. In addition, the store carries a large number of graphic novels (what people of my generation used to call comic books), wedding candles, dragon figurines and Hot Wheels cars and equipment.
Graphic novels

dragon figurines

Hot Wheels

Landmark plaqueThe building in which the store opened is a historic landmark in Tarentum, having been built in 1897 as a pharmacy. Drew Jonczak has big plans for restoring the building, and incorporating its history into the features within the store.

The original sign for the Chapman Pharmacy is mounted over the entrance to one of the rooms of the store.

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Anonymous said...

wow a former resident of tarentum i didnt even know that they moved there this is a great site too find info i am so glad too hear that the town is picking up again it was like a ghost town for a while.