Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Eve in Tarentum

Frank Lynn and Lee Lynn playing at Central Presbyterian Church, Tarentum, December 24, 2006The Candlelight Service on Christmas Eve at the Central Presbyterian Church of Tarentum had a number of pieces of special music.

Elder Frank Lynn and Lee Lynn played medleys of Christmas music on drums and saxophone as the prelude and postlude. I heard a large number of approving comments by people who told me that a certain member of the church who had died a number of years ago would never have tolerated this music. The folks who were there liked it. I was one who appreciated it a lot.

Jessica Mriso sang a solo of "Gabriel's Greeting."

The Westminister Choir sang "Still, Still, Still" and "Christmas Gloria".

As promised, the service ended in plenty of time for the next Steelers' game.

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