Friday, December 29, 2006

Progress, going back, and discovering a new community crossroads

This week I had my second and third sessions of cardiac rehab at AVH. I thought they went well. Today they started increasing the exercises I do, and I think the work does help me feel stronger.

The week has been a heavy one. Most pastors will admit that the holiday season is especially busy. This year two families had deaths right before Christmas, and the funerals were scheduled for the week after Christmas. What a tough time to lose a loved one.

The funeral meals this week have been a continuation of the peril I have faced through this season from many gifts of food and candy. The staff of the rehab program asked me to check my fasting blood sugar each day, and I have been shocked by the high levels through the holiday. I've also checked my blood sugar after the workout, and have been very pleased to notice how exercise helps in bringing it down.

stained glass from Munhall House in the historical display at West Penn Hospital, PittsburghThursday I visited a parishioner at the West Penn Hospital. She was in a room on the same 'step-down' unit where I spent my last day in that hospital. Although I had been a patient in that hospital just seven weeks ago, no one mistook me for a patient yesterday.

Today after my session of rehab I had lunch in the hospital cafeteria and ran into a couple of people who had been at the Candlelight Christmas Eve Service. They each wanted to make a point of letting me know how much they appreciated the service.

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