Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Getting closer to starting cardiac rehab

Last week began with great expectations for starting cardiac rehabilitation at the Alle-Kiski Medical Center. I even went for the interview for the program The interview was a very positive experience. The nurse in the program helped me to appreciate the fact that it had been just a bit more than a month after my myocardial infarction, and that I am only at the beginning of the recovery process.

I was expecting to start the actual work of cardiac rehab on Friday. Then I learned that I needed to see my cardiologist before I could start and I was not scheduled to see him until today.

Today I saw my cardiologist, who did clear me for starting cardiac rehab. I'll start this Friday, and will go three days a week. The doctor also prescribed a change in the beta blocker I have been taking; the new beta blocker should help with my feelings of tiredness and lack of energy.

Oh, on the way to my appointment I even spotted Maxwell on Freeport Road near the Tarentum/Brackenridge line. Unfortunately, I was driving and did not stop to take a picture as proof.

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