Saturday, December 23, 2006

Some blog articles I don't have the energy to develop

I've been making a lot of choices lately, being more selective about what I do in order to conserve my limited energy. My blogging has been a lower priority, but I keep noticing things that I tell myself I ought to blog about. I will probably not get around to developing any of these ideas more fully in the near future, so here they are, short, sweet, and undeveloped.

1. I started Cardiac Rehab. Yay! Friday I had my first class, and was introduced to the pieces of equipment I will use. It was a good experience of pretty steady monitored activity over an hour on three different pieces of exercise equipment, with warm-ups and cool-downs in between, all the time connected to a heart monitor via a transmitter. The staff gave me some literature to take home. One piece was a set of guidelines for cold weather exercise. The other was piece on survival tips for healthy holiday eating. This will be a very helpful program for me.

five playing cards2. They'll know we are Christians by ... our cards. One of the silliest comments made at the last meeting of Pittsburgh Presbytery was in a nomination speech, when we were told that we should elect a candidate because he was a "card-carrying conservative."

Do some conservatives really need cards to prove their bona fides? And who issues those cards, after all?

3. Giant Candles. Through the season of Advent we have had giant candles on the wall of the fellowship hall. They have added a lot to the Advent observances in that space.


4. Laurels and Lances. Laurels to the Valley News Dispatch for its editorial "Shame, Tarentum" following up on a story in the Friday paper, "Council OKs hiring private eye." Spending $5,000 of the taxpayers' money to gather a pile of circumstantial evidence in order to make an uncertain case to a judge does not seem prudent. At least Councilman Tim Rapp tried to set a financial cap on the boondoggle.

Lances to the VND for perpetuating the impression that the hiring of a private investigator was the only significant decision to come out of the Monday meeting. I was not able to go to to that meeting, but I have reason to believe that the Council did actually do some things that were genuine borough business with implications for the coming year. Such as adopting a budget, for example.

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Rob said...

First, best wishes with the cardiac rehab.

Second, what was the "card-carrying" person running for?

Third, did they lose thanks to that speech?

Stewart said...

Hi Rob! It has been good to see you blogging again. Thanks for the best wishes.

As to what the person was running for, I did not want to get into personalities by naming the candidate or the office for which he ran. For all I know, the next time he senses a call to offer his services to the church his views might have changed.

As to your third question, you've done enough science to understand how difficult it is to establish causation. Without reading the minds of 270 people I can't give an answer. But I can say with 100% certainty that the nomination speech did not cause a successful election of the candidate.