Saturday, May 20, 2006

Disappointed by DaVinci Code

The Da Vinci CodeLast night I went to see The DaVinci Code, and was rather disappointed. Although the action was fast-paced at the beginning, there were points when I almost fell asleep. It was a good movie, with good acting, a great cast, good special effects, and great scenery; but I probably won't bother to see it a second time.

As to the controversy about the movie, I still don't get either the fascination with the possibility that Jesus had a bloodline of descendants born through Mary Magdalene, or religious opposition to that idea. The movie spent far too much time spelling out the theory without making a persuasive case for why it would matter either way.

If you want to see an action/adventure/mystery based on a silly (pseudo-)historical premise of a centuries old conspiracy, I'd recommend National Treasure instead.

Or for an entertaining spoof, check out The Norman Rockwell Code. (You can watch the 35 minute parody on its website.)

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