Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Laurels and Lances

In the tradition of the occasional Laurels and Lances piece on the editorial page of the Valley News Dispatch:

Laurels to the Valley News Dispatch for the four Golden Quill Awards given to VND staffers by the Press Club of Western Pennsylvania at the awards banquet Monday night in Pittsburgh. No other newspaper in its circulation group (under 45,000) received as many 2006 Golden Quills. The Trib Total Media organization received a total of 13 Golden Quills; the VND's awards were a significant percentage of the total.

One of the favorite pastimes of many Valley residents is to harbor memories of when they were let down by the local paper and to criticize the paper as if all those disappointments were still the present reality.

Wake up, Valley residents! It is 2006. We have a decent newspaper in town. Its reporting and photography has the respect and recognition of other journalists in the region.

Lances to the Valley News Dispatch for leaving this story off its website the day it appeared in the paper.

VND websiteToday's web page for the Valley News Dispatch has a glaring omission among the day's headlines. One has to read the paper edition to get this story. Or know to look for it elsewhere online (here or here).

You really are allowed to toot your own horn online, especially when it is good news about excellence in the Alle-Kiski Valley.

You should not have kept the awards a secret from your online readers.

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