Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What do you get when you cross a Jaguar with a Hyundai?

Jaguar/Hyundai. Click to see larger image.

I'm not sure, but I spotted the tail of this one in Natrona Heights today.

(And no, I wasn't driving.)

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Connie said...

Now that is something you do not see everyday. I bet someone had the jaguar name put on the car. I know you can buy the emblems at some places, and maybe they did that. It is a pretty good marketing strategy, not sure if it is good for Jaguar, or not?

Anonymous said...

This man I know personally, (not by choice, he's a nut). He brags about this gig. When he went to buy a new car he told his wife that she could have a Jag or $42,000. cash in her pocket. He went to the junk yard and got the emblem. He also has a jag magnetic statue that he puts on front of the hood.
Look for this car at the library in Tarentum.

Is this illegal or what?

He might be taking lessons from you know who.

Stewart said...

"lessons from you know who"????

Surely you don't mean that He Who Must Not Be Named drives through Natrona Heights -- that Voldemort is giving lessons at the library in Tarentum?

Anonymous said...

well guess what it would be an expensive bite too your insurance. hope this person had good insurance

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry , I did not mean to imply that the gentleman has anything to do with the library. They are all lovely people there. He just frequents there quite a bit.

He does live in Natrona or Natrona Heights.

W. said...

OF COURSE you can see this car in Tarentum.

Of course.