Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I guess no one wears neckties any more

While I was in the New Kensington Kmart yesterday I checked out the prices of memory cards in the photography department. As I walked back into the rest of the store another customer planted herself in front of me.

She: Are you going to help her? [pointing at the Kmart associate working behind the photo developing counter]
Me: [after pausing to see that the associate did not seem to be having an emergency] I'm sorry, I don't work here.
She: But are you going to get someone to help her?
Me: Let me try again. I am not. A Kmart. Employee.
She: [long pause] Oh. I'm sorry.

If the reserved pastor thing doesn't work out for me, I know there are other possibilities. Jarod has nothing on me.

Maybe it's all because I once stayed at a Holiday Inn Express...

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