Friday, July 14, 2006

Cooperation in widening the bridge road

This week has been the week when PENNDOT restarted work on the project to widen the Tarentum Bridge Road in New Kensington. The wider road will be welcomed when it is completed, but this week there have been massive traffic tie-ups along the road.

Today I thought I recognized some familiar faces directing traffic along the road. They looked like some of Tarentum's finest, and sure enough, they were!

Tarentum's chief of police, Bill Vakulick helps keep traffic flowing in New Kensington
Among the familiar outsiders directing traffic in New Kensington was Tarentum Borough's Chief of Police, William Vakulick.

The traffic mess has affected a huge area this week, and the high humidity and temperatures have not helped. Keeping the traffic flowing will certainly contribute to a lessening of incidents of road rage on the other side of the bridge.

Tarentum's police function outside Tarentum for a number of reasons. Frazer Township has contracted with Tarentum to provide police coverage for the Pittsburgh Mills. At the last Borough Council meeting there was discussion of a magnetic marker for the Tarentum police vehicles to show when they are patrolling at the mall. It will name both Tarentum Borough and Frazer township.

Last month I broke out laughing when it was reported to me that someone (who maybe saw one of those automobile markers) was convinced that Allegheny County had merged Tarentum Borough and Frazer Township into a new "Tarentum Township." Further evidence of this imagined merger was allegedly to be found in the fact that the Pittsburgh Mills gets its mail through the Tarentum Post Office.

How strange, I thought, that the Tarentum Borough Council could keep plowing ahead with its own business oblivious to a county or state-imposed addition to its territory.

I only hope nobody starts any rumors that "Tarentum Township" has just annexed New Kensington.

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Connie said...

I for one will be glad when the road work is done, and it will be well worth it in the end. I have to remind myself of this when coming home from work and having to sit for 25 minutes to get through a light.Especially being on the opposite side of the bridge and having to sit that long. Also on another note it is not wise to be sitting like that when your gas gage is in the red zone.

W. said...

I doubt this could be the case. In my experience, Allegheny County officials are generally surprised to learn Tarentum is part of Allegheny County.

Jim said...

Sheesh... they are STILL working on the Tarentum Bridge Road? It's been more than twenty years since I left the great little town of Tarentum and work was being done then. Does anyone remember when there was a dime toll to cross the bridge?

Stewart said...

In less than a week since I wrote this post, they have made enormous strides forward on finishing the paving of the Tarentum Bridge Road in New Ken. There still are lane restrictions as they finish some details, but traffic is moving so smoothly.

And boy am I glad that the restricted traffic does not have to come to a stop so that people can hand over their dimes.