Monday, July 24, 2006

Preparations in Cooperstown with Pittsburgh connections

While I am visiting in Cooperstown, New York I see preparations all around the village for the induction ceremonies for the Baseball Hall of Fame this coming weekend.

There is a huge tent set up at the site of the induction ceremonies, the Clark Sports Center just outside the village.

This will be a really big event for the Hall of Fame, with the largest class of inductees ever. Seventeten of the inductees are from the Negro leagues and pre-Negro leagues eras. Three of them have a Pittsburgh connection through the Homestead Grays: Raymond Brown; Cumberland Posey, Jr.; and Ernest "Jud" Wilson.

The class of inductees will also include the first woman ever inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame: Effa Manley, who had been the co-owner and business manager of the Newark Eagles.

The location for the induction is near a number of large athletic fields with a cornfield in the distance. I couldn't help thinking about the movie "Field of Dreams"when I noticed the corn.

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