Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hogs Gone Wild in Tarentum

"Hogs Gone Wild" banner
Today Gatto Cycle is having the first ever Gatto Block Party: "Hogs Gone Wild" along two blocks of East Sixth Avenue and a block of Wood Street in Tarentum.
Sixth Ave in Tarentum for the Gatto Block Party

On a midway at the first block of East Sixth there is a huge balloon for WDVE that is making a remote appearance, and there is an inflated gecco representing GEICO. Great rock and roll music fills the air.
motorcycles being shown at the Gatto Block Party
There are also a lot of motorcycles being shown.

Knowing that I work in the motorcycle capitol of Western Pennsylvania, I should probably take some time to learn more about Harleys. Maybe next year I can give you more insightful commentary on the block party.

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