Monday, August 07, 2006

A Big "Viva!"

Group picture of Central Presbyterian Church's VBS August 4, 2006At the end of the VBS week at Central Presbyterian Church we got everybody together on the front steps for a group picture. Many of the kids joined in giving a big "Viva!" for this picture.

Sunday we invited the children and their families to come to worship, and the VBS leaders explained what we had been teaching the children.

There was an impromptu reception following the service with some simple refreshments, and most of those present lingered and chatted for a while.

I'm not looking forward to having the decorations come down because they have added so much to the church over the past month.

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Anonymous said...

I had a absolutely wonderful time. Usually children in large groups scare me, but they were great kids. It was very colorful and very festive, and the theme was very interesting. Hats off to Central for a great program for the kiddies. VIVA!!!