Monday, August 07, 2006

Choices, choices

Every now and then I come across a sign with extraneous markings that raise questions for me. In a local grocery store I came across the following:
Sign reading "Assorted T-Shirts Your Choice $5.00"
In a store where it is my choice whether I buy anything at all, and where a shopper can choose which vegetable or fruit or loaf of bread or can of soup to take off the shelf, what on earth does it mean to say that the T-shirts are "your choice"?

I am so used to making so many choices every day, that signs like this push me to ask "as opposed to what?" Where in this store is it not my choice?

Where in life is it not my choice?

Jesus said, "You did not choose me, but I chose you." (John 15:16) Among all the decisions I make each day, the most I can say about my faith is that I decided (or not) to live up to my identity in Christ. There are some things in life for which I did not go shopping, and which lay out the parameters for the choices I do make.

Of course, in the grocery store there was at least one other sign that did not offer a choice.
sign reading "Steeler Sportswear Assorted Sizes $4.99-$12.99"
Around Pittsburgh it goes without saying. You WILL wear Steeler sportswear. (But don't tell anyone I passed that rack without making a purchase.)

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W. said...

Stewart, you shouldn't have to be told. You should WANT to wear Steelers apparel. *sigh*

Stewart said...

I stand corrected.