Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fiesta at Central

decorations in the sanctuary of Central Presbyterian Church for Fiesta Vacation Bible SchoolThis has been a busy week at Central Presbyterian Church in Tarentum, where each morning we have been holding a Vacation Bible School using the Fiesta curriculum by Group Publishing.

A number of area churches have lent us decorations and props; among those churches are First United Presbyterian Church of Tarentum, and the Cheswick Presbyterian Church.

Village mural in the fellowship hall at Central Presbyterian ChurchWe've also made some of our own decorations, including the mural of a southwestern village appears on the wall of our fellowship hall.

This year we made a switch from past years, and decided to hold our openings and closings for each day in the Sanctuary.

some of the children and crew leaders in our Vacation Bible SchoolWith the pulpit and its railing moved out of the way, we have plenty of space for skits and lessons. And we have been able to project the videos for the songs on the wall where all the children can see them.

This change also freed up space in the Fellowship Hall downstairs where it was a bit cooler than outside on some of the hot days this week.

crafts in our Vacation Bible SchoolWe had 35 children on our first day of the VBS, and have seen new children each day.

It has been a loaded week for all the leaders in the program, but filled with blessings for all. One more day to go!

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