Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Steve Derose finishes Tarentum's 2006 Summer Concert Series

Blue Magoo opens the concert in Tarentum, August 16, 2006There were over a hundred people in the audience this evening for the fifth and final concert in Tarentum's 2006 Summer Concert Series.

It was a beautiful summer evening for a concert in Riverview Memorial Park in Tarentum, with the Allegheny River flowing peacefully nearby.

Blue Magoo opened the concert.

Steve Derose playing in Riverview Park in Tarentum, August 16, 2006Steve Derose was the "headliner" for the concert, although the public was not informed until this evening that he would be performing.

Originally this concert was to have been a karaoke contest, but only one person had signed up to compete. So plans were changed to make it possible for local performers to appear.

Tarentum's 2006 Summer Concert Series was sponsored by Old Friends Guitars and the Borough of Tarentum.

concert audience in Tarentum, August 16, 2006

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