Monday, August 28, 2006

Fire in West Tarentum attracts attention

fire in West Tarentum, 8:13 PM, August 27, 2006Last night as I was driving across the bridge I saw an impressive plume of dark smoke rising from a fire up in the stratosphere of West Tarentum (that is an area where one looks down on the Tarentum Bridge).

Flames were clearly visible at the bottom of the plume of smoke. By the time I parked my car and walked back to a vantage point to take a picture, the flames had been brought under control and were no longer visible above the treetops.

Thumbnail of photo by Louis Ruediger in Valley News Dispatch, Aug. 28, 2006, P. A8For those of you who claim the Valley News Dispatch does not cover local news, today's paper had a striking action photo by Louis Ruediger showing the firefighters at the scene.

The thumbnail version of the picture should give you an idea what you missed if you did not read the paper edition of the VND. No wonder the newspaper box at the corner of Corbet and Fourth was already empty this morning when I drove by.

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry, but there was alot more went on with that fire that the paper did not print.

Stewart said...

I am sure there is always more that could be printed.

If you know something important about the fire, why don't you share it?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the box was probably emptied by one person. That must be the way it's done. It's such a hot item.

A picture does not vcover the fire.

At least two people were arrested and the fire might be considered an arson..

Yes, Lou Rudieger is good.

skeptical said...

Ok, I'll bite.

Who was arrested and by which law enforcement agency?

Because I checked and Tarentum police have no idea what you're talking about.

Stewart said...

Maybe one of those arrested was the Body in the Dumpster.

skeptical said...

Well said, Stewart. Well said.

Stewart said...

The Valley News Dispatch has an article today ("Arson fear spreads")about intentionally set fires in Tarentum.