Tuesday, October 25, 2005

And, speaking of flash animation on entry pages

... and, speaking of flash animation on entry pages, I love the Allegheny Valley Association of Churches. But the flash animation on their site's entry page is about worth the paper it could be printed on. I might as well be clicking on a blank piece of paper to get past the entry page.

First, the flash animation does not play for me in FireFox, the browser I choose to use. (It doesn't play in the print version either, but you expected that.)

Second, there is no text link to get past the entry page to the site's content.

Third, there is not even a comment hidden deep in the source code of the entry page to indicate what the URL for the main index to the content might be.

Fourth, when I succeed in running the animation by starting Internet Explorer, the animation does not add anything to the website. The animation consists of flying letters that say "welcome" and then a couple more lines of text while a wordless verse of "Amazing Grace" plays in the background. It takes a full minute to play and then automatically load the small index page that has plenty of space for the very same text displayed in the animation.

Fifth, the link within the shockwave flash animation does not immediately interrupt the show to load the index page.

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Stewart said...

The AVAC entry web page now has a link to get past the flash animation.