Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Creature features

Luggage sticker for the excursion from Grand Central Station 10-12-05Wednesday October 12 was the first gathering of Grand Central Station at the Central Presbyterian Church of Tarentum for the Fall of 2005. My apologies to all the people from the Big Apple who find this page when looking for something a lot closer to their home. We picked the name for the program because the curriculum for our mid-week after-school program for elementary school age children has a railroad theme, including starting at a "depot." And after all, if a small membership church in a river town in Southwest Pennsylvania can't do something a bit over the top then what's a Gospel for?

ticket 10-12-05Tonight the kids put their names on their luggage, which will receive their weekly travel stickers to remind them where they have been. Before heading out on the weekly adventure each of the children had their tickets punched by the train conductor.

We're starting with a unit on Creation and had a great time with the children, only half of whom had been with us when we last held Grand Central Station in the Spring of this year. To get the kids thinking about why God created such a diversity of animals, we played a number of games. One game was called "Creature features," in which we asked groups of three children to "invent" a new animal. They came up with a really scary two-headed lion, a very tall giraffe, and a camel with an extra big hump. I especially hope I don't meet either end of that lion out in the jungle.

two-headed lion
really tall giraffe
extra big humped camel

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