Monday, October 03, 2005

Wedding conventions turned upside down for a purpose

muffincake.JPGHave you ever seen a muffin cake?

On Saturday I officiated at a wedding where the wedding cake was a four-tiered muffin cake. Individual muffins were arranged into a complimentary whole (that would have looked better if there were better lighting or I had had a flash camera).

Eric and Vicki are a couple who started coming to Central Presbyterian Church during the summer of 2004. They had met on a service trip from Gannon University, were in Tarentum for the summer, and were sensing that their call to service was also a call for them to be of service to others together.

After the church ceremony and the photographs, the reception began with the "cutting" of this cake immediately after I had asked the blessing on the meal.

The couple then asked that their invited guests go through the buffet line before the wedding party at the head table. It took many of the guests a few minutes to understand that the "rules" at this wedding really were different. Yes, there really was plenty of food left when the wedding party entered the line. What a wonderful symbol of the style of service to others that they plan to make a part of their marriage.

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