Monday, October 31, 2005

Mayoral Race in Pleasantville?

The Valley News Dispatch today recognized that the mayoral race in Tarentum is interesting. The same opposing candidates as in 2001 have switched parties this year. It sounds very polite, but maybe there is more going on under the surface.

Both candidates are in agreement that the downtown Tarentum business district should be promoted, but I'm looking forward to hearing more from each of them about how to do so. Tarentum does have much to offer that is not found at the new Pittsburgh Mills.

I hope that both of the candidates will give us more information about how they'll help to encourage people to discover what is available here. The new borough website does give the borough a web presence, but so far there is nothing on the site even approaching a survey of the options available for someone considering moving here, much less for someone thinking about having a cup of coffee in downtown Tarentum.

I don't sense a disagreement between the candidates about the positive value of encouraging new business, but I'd also be interested in hearing from each of them about what they would actually do to encourage new business in Tarentum.

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