Sunday, October 09, 2005

Step off this train with Maddie Arnold

When I stopped at the Borders in the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills I was pleasantly surprised to walk into a performance by Maddie Arnold singing her original song "Step Off This Train".
I'm hearin' all this chatter now about the changes that will come.
You hear so much about these things, and yes always its been overdone.
So I'm gonna step off this train,
Do my best to keep it sane,
Walk out into the pouring rain, every once in a while ....
I did not realize during the performance that the young woman singing was only 13. The Gibsonia teenager has already won a prize locally with this original song.

The Post-Gazette classified her performance today as "Acoustic."

Her album "Step Off This Train" includes the following songs:
  1. Step Off This Train
  2. Wrapped
  3. Come Into My Arms
  4. Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
  5. Walkin' After Midnight
  6. My Lonely Sad Eyes
  7. Don't Know Why
  8. That Old Feeling
  9. Now Is The Time
  10. Wayfaring Stranger
  11. We've Got A Good Thing Goin'
  12. Danny Boy
  13. New Again
I'll gladly listen to her again when she next performs in the area.

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