Thursday, October 06, 2005

Courageous local church secretary helps nail burglar

A local church secretary gave key evidence in a trial leading to a conviction. The last thing Carol wanted to do was to testify in court, but she felt God was guiding her as she appeared in court to give her a very simple testimony about how and where she found the envelope with a blood stain following a burglary at the church where she worked.

This story tells the bigger story that shows why her testimony about the blood droplet was essential. The burglar wore gloves to make sure he did not leave any fingerprints, but he left a DNA "fingerprint" in a droplet of blood when he broke in through a window. One may hope that this burglar will get some help during this time when he will be incarcerated.

Carol, who works at the New Kensington United Methodist Church, is a member of the United Presbyterian Church of New Kensington.

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