Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The square

There is a very good article by Andrew Conte and Wynne Everett on the front page of today's Valley News Dispatch entitled "Love affair with the square." Featuring photographs from Oakmont and Washington, PA, and referring to communities such as Vandergrift and Saxonburg, it discusses the New Urbanism, and the desire of 21st Century people to live in communities where it is possible to walk to a main street where one can socialize and engage in the normal commerce for the goods people need each day.

This article refreshes my hope that Tarentum can be restored, developed, or renewed to be again a place where such a sense of community can flourish. Over the past few months I have been reading about such possibilities on blogs like the New Colonist. But this week, my reading of this excellent article was also influenced by my reading of the newly discovered (at least by me) poetry of Paola Corso in her book Death by Renaissance. I'll tell more about those poems later; I'm still assimilating her images of the Tarentum that was and the Tarentum that can be.

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Anonymous said...

Bill Herman, who is quoted briefly in that story, is a tremendous asset to Tarentum. He has an extensive background in urban planning and also has invested his own time and money restoring part of downtown.

Stewart said...

I agree. I've seen what he has been doing around town and it is a great benefit to the community.