Saturday, October 01, 2005

Generosity overflowing in the Valley

Today's Valley News Dispatch has a nice story by Tamara Simpson about Alle-Kiski Valley residents, businesses and organizations involved in hurricane relief for victims of Katrina and Rita.

The print version of the article features a full page of photos of the various activities. One of the photos was taken at Central Presbyterian Church and shows a number of the deacons at work making Hope-In-A-Box kits. Sue Gula of Natrona Heights is in the foreground of the photo; in the background are Linda Sweeney of Sarver, Joyce Schrag of Brackenridge, and Barb Diller of Tarentum.

The article also includes a chart showing statistics of what has been done through Valley organizations. This chart obviously only shows part of what has been done because it could not track the donations Valley residents made directly to all of the relief agencies.

Its good to see how many different groups around the area have been active with their concern for the people of the Gulf Coast region.

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