Friday, June 09, 2006

Bids open, Tarentum skatepark closer to reality

Fountain at entrance to University of Pittsburgh Applied Research CenterToday at the offices of the Senate Engineering Company in the University of Pittsburgh Applied Research Center, there was a public opening of sealed bids for projects in Tarentum.

Thomas J. Benecki, Executive Director of the Allegheny Valley North Council of Governments conducted the bid opening. He explained that after the opening the bids would still be examined by the municipality and AVNCOG for such things as accuracy and legality. At the end of the opening today we only knew who was the apparent low bidder.

The skateboard park project was divided into two contracts: one for construction of the concrete pad and fencing, and the other for the park equipment. The bids for the park equipment were to be broken down by item, so Tarentum can select pieces of equipment to keep the project within available resources. As a result, the actual total for equipment may vary from the total shown on the formal bids.

There were four bidders on the construction contract. The apparent low bidder was Santamaria Landscaping and Fence at $76,453.45.

There were three bidders on the equipment contract. The apparent low bidder was True Ride, Inc., at $83,710.13.

Although these two low bids combined are more than the total amount now budgeted for the skateboard park, there are a number of ways to eliminate the gap. The borough might find additional funding in the form of a grant, or it might select fewer pieces of equipment to stay within budget. A public skateboard park in Tarentum is closer to reality than it has ever been before.

Bids were also opened for Tarentum's Water Intake Building Generator project. There were eight bids on this project, with each contractor having the opportunity to submit two base bids, one with a Cummins generator, and one with a Kohler generator. The apparent low bid with the Cummins generator was Ell Inc., at $58,300. The apparent low bid with the Kohler generator was from Schultheir/T.S.B. Inc. at $52,200.

Dan Schimidt of Gibson Thomas (Tarentum Borough's engineers) was present at the bid opening.

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