Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New colors at two ends of the same block of 4th Ave.

Here are a couple of pictures I took Monday showing some new color and beautification along Fourth Avenue in Tarentum.

New geraniums have been planted in each of the planters around Central Presbyterian Church. Members donated the flowers on Pentecost, and now they appear around the church.

Some of the new geraniums planted around Central Presbyterian Church, Tarentum
At the other end of the same block, the Praha has a new sign, closer to street level. Ever since I came to the area I have found the sign reading "Hotel Praha" painted high on the wall of the building to add a certain European charm to the neighborhood. The new sign reverses the words to the American style. I'm glad the higher sign is still there. And of the course the awning has the single word: Praha.
Praha signs

Then again, maybe they changed the name on the sign to avoid confusion with another Hotel Praha, 'cause it's classy.

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