Saturday, June 03, 2006

Habitat for Humanity raises walls in New Kensington

The Leonard Family holds a post signed by students at the St. Luke Lutheran School in Cabot, 06-03-06Habitat for Humanity of Allegheny Valley raised walls for a new house on McCargo Street in New Kensington today. (Yes, you read that right. We didn't raze walls in New Kensington. We raised walls!)

This new house will be the home for the Joyce Leonard Family of New Kensington. As partners with Habitat for Humanity, the Leonard family was present to help with the project and will put their own sweat equity into the house.

This new house is part of a push by our local Habitat affiliate to increase our building capacity. In previous years we have built one house a year; last year we built two; this year we will build three! The new house on McCargo Street will be a duplex - houses #8 and #9 for our affiliate. This year's third house will be in Tarentum at a location yet to be determined.

Key assistance this year comes through a grant from Thrivent Builds - a partnership between Thrivent Financial for Lutherans and Habitat for Humanity. Thrivent Builds sponsors the Leonard house in this duplex. The Pittsburgh Mills is sponsoring the other house of this duplex.

The students of St. Luke Lutheran School in Cabot raised almost $2,500 for this house. They signed their names to a 2x4, which was presented to the Leonard family at the wall-raising today. The Thrivent Builds partnership has led to the involvement of a large number of local Lutherans in this project and others.

Before the walls were raised today there was a brief worship service at the work site. Rev. Dr. James Legge, President of the local affiliate, read a letter from Bishop Donald J. McCoid, of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod. The Rev. Dave Matthews, pastor of the Trinity Lutheran Church in Verona and the Apostles Lutheran Church in Penn Hills offered the closing prayer in the service.

After receiving some instructions in safety, the volunteers present lifted the first wall into place on the count of three.
Wall being raised at 300 McCargo St, New Kensington, June 3, 2006
Wall being raised at 300 McCargo St, New Kensington, June 3, 2006
Wall being raised at 300 McCargo St, New Kensington, June 3, 2006
(And that is the same count we'll use to build three houses in 2006.)
First wall seen from the outside at 300 McCargo St, New Kensington, June 3, 2006
The first wall was impressive from the outside.
Second wall at 300 McCargo St, New Kensington, June 3, 2006
And a second wall went up within an hour of the first.

It was truly inspiring to see so many people working together to bring into being one part of a plan to end poverty housing.

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Connie said...

That makes my heart feel great. I am always so happy to see someone that lives below median income to be able to live the american dream. I can certainly relate to the struggles of trying to pay high rent, and as for owning your own home, and having to live on low income it will never happen. It is great also to see all the hard working volunteers that come forward to help in such a wondeful program and cause. Sometimes I get discouraged and wonder if God is really looking out, but when you see such things as this you know that he is.... As always Stewart the pictures are great.

W. said...

The VND should have covered this! I know for a fact (wink) that the reporter didn't have any other assignments.

Stewart said...

Connie, I'm glad this post was encouraging and that the pictures were appreciated.

W, I agree that it is too bad the VND was not there. But remember, our local Habitat affiliate is increasing its building capacity. There will be so many more local house-raisings and dedications and opportunities to tell the story of what Habitat is doing.

Connie said...

Stewart, Maybe you can take up a second job as a reporter? You would make a great one. You always seem to capture some great moments.

Anonymous said...

Connie, I couldn't agree more. We have tied to encourage Stewart so many times to persue the reporter in him... He sure does capture things that most of us find note-worthy news.

Stewart, use your powers for good!!!


Connie said...

OK Stewart it appears you have a calling on you. Funny for me to see the reporter in you, especially when some people had me seeing negative in you at one time. Oh well! I say "go for it".

W. said...

I think he's more of an assignment editor. Take a look at today's VND. They took his hint and did a Habitat story.