Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tarentum Festival starts this week

The Tarentum Street Fair in West Tarentum is over, but now people are getting ready for the Tarentum Festival, June 8, 9, and 10 in Riverview Memorial Park.

It is a pretty neat event to attend during the day. There are lots of booths with crafts and other goods for sale, interesting food, music, and games.

And then there is the beer tent, the reason so many locals call this event the DrunkFest.

I know I am a transplant to this area, so I don't have the same history as the rest of the folks in town. I have gone to the Tarentum Festival each year since I moved here, and have never been at the Festival when the atmosphere became unpleasant. So I am always a bit mystified at the resistance of people from Central Presbyterian Church to have a booth at the Festival. Their memories are longer than mine, I guess.

There are events and activities appropriate for children at the Tarentum Festival, especially during the daylight hours.

I've been noticing hits on this blog from people looking for the Tarentum Festival, where the search pages people were using would not steer them to the Festival's website. So I'm posting this blog entry to make sure that people looking for info about the Festival can find it.

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