Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The plight of a stray cat

stray catFriends on Second Avenue in East Tarentum have found a stray cat. Although the fur makes it look big, it is very skinny, and appears not to have eaten for a while.

The male cat has no tags showing its name, its owner, or what shots it has had. He seems good around people, and the fur around his neck appears to have had a collar at one time.

My friends cannot afford to take care of the cat, and have searched to find a shelter to which the cat could be entrusted. As it turns out, many of the local animal shelters are so pressed for space and resources that a cat would be euthanized in 24 hours if not claimed by the owner.

stray catMy friends have found a local "no-kill" shelter but would really like to see the cat returned to his owner. If you recognize this cat, let me know.

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Connie said...

How sad, I love cats and I am in the market for one. I have plans of going to the shelter this week, so that me and the boys can pick out a cat and adopt it. We had one previosly to moving in here and at the time they did not allow cats and we had to find her a home, and she got a great one, but we miss having one around and figured since I am coming into a small amount of money from my student grants that we would pay the pet deposit and give a cat a great home. Come to find out our office manager knows someone that has a cat that needs a home to. It is truly sad and if most people would have their pet spayed or neatured there would not be such an over population of un-wanted animals.