Friday, June 09, 2006

So how tough is Godzilla really?

As it turns out, Godzilla can be pretty tough, even in miniature, especially when you don't have Mothra around to help you out.
Godzilla pinata

At a ten-year-old's birthday party yesterday there was a Godzilla pinata as one of the games.

This was one tough monster. The wire holding him up broke twice in the course of the attack by the individual children.

Then Godzilla was allowed to be a sitting target for battery.

Immobilize Godzilla and you might stand a chance
Or hit him with the hard end of a stick
Or maybe the problem is the padding on the business end of the improvised bat.

Fractured bat
Or maybe no human-made instument of destruction is sufficient for an attack on Godzilla.

(No live lizards were harmed in this children's game.)

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Darren said...

Looks like one of those pinatas they've got hanging from the ceiling at Maskas (they also have tons of inexpensive candy with which to fill the pinatas).

Got one a few years ago for the holidays and they are VERY tough. Had to pull it down out of the tree and severly beat it with the broom handle. Made me feel all Christmasy, for sure.

Apostle John said...

Love it :)

Stewart said...

AFter the game was all over I was able to see how this indestructible pinata had been made. It was not made of paper mache, but corrugated cardboard that had been cut and folded into the proper shape, then reinforced with polyethylene tape.