Monday, June 12, 2006

A quilt square out of the past

District 1 quilt, Pittsburgh Presbyterial AssociationWhile I was at the Pittsburgh Presbytery Center today I noticed some quilts hanging on the wall. I had not noticed these previously, but I understand that they were put up to soften the acoustic qualities in the "Great Hall." There were three quilts, made by the districts of the Pittsburgh Presbyterial Society in 1988.

I found the square submitted by the Women's Association of the Central Presbyterian Church of Tarentum on the quilt made by District 1.

It was an interesting depiction of the front of the church building, that should be recognizable by any of the people who approach the Central Presbyterian Church building along Third Avenue. Unfortunately, it is a bit distorted because of the way the whole quilt is hanging.
Central Presbyterian Church Women's Association quilt square

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