Monday, September 25, 2006

Harvest Festival pictures

In spite of some rainy weather, Central's Harvest Festival on Sept. 23 was a success.

quilts by Central Quilters

Our quilters were showing off a number of the quilts they were in the process of making, as well as some they had finished.

Steelers Quilt

They even had a Steelers quilt. (Only near Pittsburgh would the words "Steelers" and "quilt" go together.)

Tarentum Genealogical Society quilt

The Tarentum Genealogical Society was raffling off a quilt as well, and were showing some of their research tools to people who were interested in learning about genealogy.

Home canning

Members of Central Presbyterian Church had donated crafts they had made, vegetables they had canned, cookies and cakes they had baked. Vegetable soup made at the church was also on sale.

Our mini ham loaves sold out very early in the day.

Car wash

When the rains let up, we were even able to have the car wash we had planned.

And my fears about the rains affecting the hoagie harvest came to naught. Through Fazios in Arnold we had some nice Italian hoagies.

There were some good things left over from the flea market, so we will do a repeat of the flea market and car wash on October 7.

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October 7th 9am to 2pm 2006Flea Market & Car Wash— at Central Presbyterian Church, 305 Allegheny St., Tarentum, PA 15084
Continuation of the 2006 Harvest Festival, with another flea market and a car wash (weather permitting)

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October 21st 4pm to 6pm 2006Ham Loaf Dinner — at Central Presbyterian Church, 305 Allegheny Street, Tarentum, PA 15084
Central Presbyterian Church's famous ham loaf is featured in this fundraising dinner

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