Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tarentum Boro Council meeting: The paradox of Tarentum's appearance

There were about 27 observers at the September 18, 2006 meeting of the Tarentum Borough Council. During the hour-long meeting I was struck by the paradox that at the same time that the Council was dealing with issues of vacant and abandoned buildings, and poor upkeep of occupied properties, there were many items of news about positive events happening in Tarentum.

Once the Council got past the issue raised by citizens of the residence of one of the Council members, the citizen comments had to do with the upkeep of property by neighbors, air quality along the First Avenue truck route, recent structure fires in West Tarentum.

Regarding the recent fires, Fire Chief Tim Firko of the Summit Hose Company thanked the Council, the Police Department, and the Code Enforcement Officer for assistance. Chief Firko wanted to make it clear that Tarentum does not have a serial arsonist. There have been intentionally set fires recently in West Tarentum, but the two are so different that it is unlikely that the same person was involved. He also spoke about the grave risks to firefighters when they must enter poorly maintained buildings to stop fires that could easily involve neighboring buildings.

Solicitor Strellec reported on a proposed ordinance to control the conversion of single-family residences into two family residences in R-2 zones. Council members raised issues such as requiring separate utilities for the units and requiring a slightly larger number of square feet in each unit. The solicitor will revise the proposed ordinance for action by the Council at a subsequent meeting.

Tarentum will be used on September 25 and October 16 for filming a movie! Part of East 6th Avenue will be blocked off each day of filming.

Groundbreaking for the skateboard park was held up on Monday, but is expected to take place sometime this week.

An Allison Park Church is going to use the bandshell in Riverview Park on October 28, 2006 for a free community event like a picnic.

The Salvation Army is going to have a parade on November 5 when they move into their new facility in Brackenridge. Their parade will go from the Tarentum location down Second Avenue to their new facility.

Tarentum's Holiday Parade has been shifted to November 25 and will be a joint event with Brackenridge. This year the parade will go from Tarentum to Brackenridge; next year from Brackenridge to Tarentum. The route will not involve hills, and many bands have been lined up for the parade. The two towns will light a single Holiday Tree following the parade.

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Anonymous said...

A parade! What a cool idea.

Elphie said...

I am excited about combining Tarentum and Brackenridge for our parade this year. The already planned event should prove to be a wonderful experience.

I do feel the need to send a letter to our Council defining the words 'mute' and 'moot'? Or, would this be a moot point?

Peace to you,