Friday, September 15, 2006

Pittsburgh Presbytery meeting on Sept. 7: G. Vocational matters

Camp Crestfield's labyrinthPittsburgh Presbytery welcomed or approved a number of people for new paths of service at its meeting on September 7 at the Crestfield Camp and Conference Center.

We enrolled as Inquirers: Robert A. Rufle, Jr., a member of the Hillcrest United Presbyterian Church; Betsy Rumer, a member of the Memorial Park Presbyterian Church; and Michael Stanton, a member of the Bellevue United Presbyterian Church.

We examined Inquirer Joshua Brown of the Hebron United Presbyterian Church, and received him as a Candidate for the Ministry of Word and Sacrament.

We approved calls for the Rev. James Austin Gilchrist as pastor of the Westminster Presbyterian Church, and for Alice Fisler as Designated Pastor of the Bethesda United Presbyterian Church, Elizabeth.

Rev. Linda Ruby is the interim pastor at the Carnegie Presbyterian Church; Rev. Stewart Lawrence is the interim pastor at the Oakdale United Presbyterian Church; Rev. Howard Newman is the interim pastor of the Whitehall United Presbyterian Church; Rev. Nancy Titus is continuing as the interim pastor of the Liberty Presbyterian Church.

Our Presbytery Moderator, the Rev. Carol Divens Roth, has become the Interim Associate Pastor to the Presbytery for Medium-size churches.

The Presbytery elected the Rev. Catherine Purves to a vacancy on the Committee on Preparation for Ministry, and elected the Rev. Mary Lee Talbot to a vacancy on the Permanent Judicial Commission.

One departure of note to the folks at Central Presbyterian Church is that the Rev. Daniel Ekas is no longer at the Oakdale United Presbyterian Church, but has gone on to be the pastor of the Burgettstown Presbyterian Church in Washington Presbytery.

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