Friday, September 08, 2006

Pittsburgh Presbytery meeting on September 7: B. Overview

Crestfield signThere were 122 ministers and 122 elders representing 77 churches at the September 7, 2006 meeting of Pittsburgh Presbytery at the Crestfield Camp and Conference Center in Slippery Rock, PA. We could not have asked for better weather.

The mood was upbeat, with many of the ministers and elders having conversations with friends they had not seen in months. Re-establishing connections and making new friends is one of the major side activities at any presbytery meeting.

some of the Pittsburgh Presbytery commissioners having lunch outside at Crestfield, September 7, 2006The beautiful weather (and the Crestfield staff) made it possible for us to have our lunch outside.

The lunch break was an opportunity for a number of those in attendance to get a hayride tour of the camp.

I also paid a visit to the labyrinth. While I was checking it out there were three people walking it, one of whom commented that the labyrinth was rather like our meeting in that you could never quite be sure where it was going but you kept passing the same spots anyhow.

non-parliamentary labyrinth at CrestfieldIn the course of the meeting we worshiped God, did some preliminary work on a controversial overture from a number of sessions, listened to one another, handled some important vocational matters, and learned about a number of upcoming opportunities and events.

The meeting adjourned at 3:18, which was a bit of a relief knowing that the docket could have kept us there until almost 5:00.

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