Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pittsburgh Presbytery meeting on Sept. 7: A. Preliminary thoughts

Tomorrow morning Pittsburgh Presbytery is going to begin a meeting at the Crestfield Camp and Conference Center. According to the docket, this promises to be a full meeting, with adjournment happening sometime around 5:00 PM.

Travel to meetings has always been an issue for me, but by now I am reasonably comfortable with the route to Crestfield. The Presbytery has taken additional steps to help us with good directions that do not assume that everyone who matters will be travelling north on I-79. The directions page suggests the use of Mapquest from our individual starting points, and even gives the address we should use for our destination to take into account a spelling error in the Mapquest database.

Another positive development in the papers for this meeting is the way the Presbytery has provided the PDF files on its website. As usual, there is the possibility of downloading individually each of the reports. This time there is also the possibility of downloading the full packet in a single file. Those of us who routinely print out all the papers with the understanding that all the business matters should find this print job an easy one to accomplish.

The meeting is going to include a report from each of the commissioners to the General Assembly, and will also include an overture from three sessions concerning ordination standards. The Presbytery Council is recommending that this overture be referred to the Committee on Ministry and Committee on Preparation for Ministry and not be presented for action until the October meeting of Presbytery.

Given that the Presbytery has not met in three months, there is more than enough of the basic business a presbytery must conduct to consume our attention at this meeting.

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