Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Where do people skateboard in Tarentum?

skateboarder in TarentumThe public parks in Tarentum have signs prohibiting skateboarding, but young people in Tarentum find places to skateboard anyhow.

When I arrived early for a meeting at Central Presbyterian Church on Monday evening, I found a young skateboarder practicing in the church parking lot.

He was a bit self-conscious when he saw me take out my camera, but before long he was showing me a lot of what he could do.

skateboarder in Tarentum

skater 3.JPG

skater 4.JPG

All of this leaves me wondering what is happening with the Tarentum skateboard park project. Bids were opened, and contracts awarded, but this summer does not seem to have been a time when anything was built on the site near Dreshar Stadium. Perhaps information will be shared at the Borough Council meeting next Monday.

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sonnysarver said...

Pastor - I noticed you post some very nice photos on your blog. My friend suggested you may wish to view the following from the PPA.

August 10, 2006

Dear PPA Member,

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However, that is only half of the issue. Even if you are within your legal rights to create a photograph, you may not be able to do much with it unless you obtain a model release from the subject. For example, I recently spoke with a member who captured an incredible shot of some children playing while he was doing a personal "self-assignment" in a local park. Was it permissible to take the image? Most likely it was.

However, if the photographer shows the images to clients as work samples, puts them on his website or sells the usage right to a newspaper, the photographer could find himself in legal trouble if he does not have a model release on file.

A model release, in its simplest form, is a waiver of a person's privacy right. While there are certain uses of a photograph that may not require a release, PPA always recommends getting one. In addition to offering you the most available protection, merely having a release on file can often head off legal trouble. That is one of the reasons PPA has developed a sample model release for your use – you can find it in the member only download section of www.ppa.com (use your last name and PPA ID to enter.)

So just remember – even if it is legal to shoot an image, it may not be legal to sell it or use it in your own marketing.

Information to keep you out of legal trouble – that's just one of the many benefits of PPA membership.


Al Hopper, CAE
Director of Membership, Copyright and Government Affairs
Professional Photographers of America