Friday, January 13, 2006

Anti-business attitudes in Tarentum

The following anonymous post was made on January 9 at 5:54:08 to the thread about the Organizing Meeting of the Tarentum Council.
What's that smell of burnt coffee coming down river? I wonder what the scoop is on the central Perk coffee shop folding up it's filters , and heading out-a -Dodge way past the midnight hour? Sitting down for a cup of Java could let and old "mud drinker" hear tales that would turn a pot of freshly brewed coffee stale! Perhaps sneaking out late at night means somebody's done harm upon there fellow man~ I hope not~ Innocent until proven guilty..remember? Who really knows whats up and PERKING? Lets all hope Tarentum council can have a good taste in there mouths soon,HMMMM tea anyone?

I deleted it from the thread for a number of reasons. It was an abuse of anonymity. It was not about the meeting. It made false statements ("burnt coffee", "folding up it's filters", "heading out-a-Dodge", "sneaking out") and inappropriate insinuations ("somebody's done harm", "who really knows"). In short, it is the unsavory type of communication used by a certain element who prefer to hide in the shadows and snipe rather than make statements they would be willing to stand behind if their identities were known.

I've given some thought to the fact that I allowed an anonymous one-liner about Council President Magnetta's keys to remain in the earlier thread after I objected to it as an example of the kind of commentary I did not want to see on my blog. The comment above went much further, and is a more extreme example of what has motivated me to impose comment moderation. I don't intend to allow trash talk of this sort to be published on my blog. There may be other places where it passes for civil discourse, but not here.

One striking aspect of this anonymous "comment" is that the writer expressed the hope that if a business in town were to close that would somehow make the Tarentum Council have a good taste in "there [sic] mouths." It is really sad that so few people in town recognize the value in Tarentum's having and fostering a vibrant business community and all that it could provide: jobs or services residents need in walking distance from their homes.

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Sadie Mae56 said...

I can see why you would not want to print that comment. It involves a whole scope of issues that need to be addressed. Does this post mean that the Tarentum Council is all for the closing of certain busissnesses in town? If that is the case then the statement made by the Mayor during election time that he supported local busissnesses in the town and wanted to see them thrive was a crock and a false campagin promise to the residents of Tarentum. It also reflects the idea that unless you belong to certain clicks within the council and around town that you should give serious thought to opening a business here for fear of being rejected or black-balled by certain individuals.

Another issue would be that the people who were and are still helping relocate the coffee shop now have to deal with remarks made to them and about them because of their association or friendship with the owner. Never forget that you are insulting others who do not care to have any part or association with the likes of these kind of people. Or should I say "those kind of people"?

I don't recall any burnt coffee, stale conversation, folded filters or hurting any fellow humans during this process. A simple process of relcating has now lead to some vicious, nasty rumors in town. This is shameful.

It is quite apparent that your anonymous blogger has the idea that that in an effort to elevate themselves or those around them they must diminish the likes of others to do so. But I wonder, is this person speaking for a group on a whole or improvising as one person to make it seem as though they are? I believe I will ask questions to the council members in an effort to resolve this issue and to make it abundantly clear as to just exactly which members of council are for the closing of the shop. Or maybe I will just print a copy and show the members of council how their names and statements(?) are being thrown around for the benefit of one disgruntled person. Could this be personal? I imagine we will all see just what the deal is when the shop re-opens. Those that support the shop will be there to do so, those who are there to sabbotage will surely be known.

So to those of you who are planning to open a business in this little burg, make sure you pay the right people, and belong to the right clicks, and vote for the right person or you may be the next one accused of "sneaking" out of Dodge well past the midnight hour.

To anonymous: you might want to research your facts before you make statements that fall short of any truth at all.

Stewart said...

Sadie Mae56, an anonymous comment (or even a string of them) does not necessarily represent the views of any more than a single person. The writer may have no relationship to anyone on council and not be in any position to speak for what anyone on council wants. (That is just another reason why I dislike anonymous commentary from those who try to appear that they are voicing the opinions of others.)

While waiting for the relocation and re-opening of the Corbet Street Central Perk, I've been out and about town. While having breakfast in another restaurant I was approached by a customer who was eager to know when the shop would reopen.

The community as a whole is not hostile to businesses. Those who feel they would gain something from the closing of a business may be very few.

Tarentum girl said...

Obviously it's just a dig at Councilwoman Ginger Sopcak.

It's just another volley in the toddler wars that are Tarentum politics.

And you, pastor, have been perceived as an "ally" of Ginger's so you're going to draw comments like this now.

It shouldn't actually be surprising, childish and ridiculous as it is.

Stewart said...

Tarentum girl, I could do a whole lot worse at picking my friends. I'm ready to take any lumps that come my way.