Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The pulse of the Tarentum community

Editorial "Give the kids a chance" in Valley News Dispatch, January 3, 2006, page A6Valley residents are certainly entitled to reach their own conclusions, but in my humble opinion the Valley News Dispatch has its finger on the pulse of the local community.

Tarentum officials should be open-minded about building a skatepark.

Certainly there are some officials who will get on their soapbox to announce their opposition to anything new. It would be very interesting to hear what, if anything, they actually support.

One thing we should know by now is that skateboarding is not just for the youth. It is a gift to the community that the youth have the energy for promoting the idea of a skatepark, but they are not the only ones who will benefit from the presence of such a facility.

Letter "Skater is responsible teen", Valley News Dispatch, January 3, 2006, page A6The open-mindedness that is called for requires that the officials be truthful about what they are hearing from the community. Miranda Tasker's letter raises concerns about the truthfulness of some of our leaders. It would be understandable for a community leader to claim that many people support a particular position, but to deny the existence of people who have voiced a contrary opinion directly to a community leader is simply irresponsible.

Of course, one of these was the same person who told me at the last council meeting that four residents of Tarentum were not entitled to have their views represented.

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