Thursday, January 12, 2006

What's black and white and red all over?

Blue newspaper box for Valley News Dispatch, on Corbet Street at 5th Ave., TarentumEver since I moved to this area I have gotten used to looking for the blue newspaper boxes when I wanted to buy a copy of the Valley News Dispatch. There have been a couple in walking distance from the church in addition to those I might find while travelling around the region.

This summer I started noticing a change. When the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills opened in July there were shiny red newspaper boxes inset in the wall at the entrances to the mall. I thought it was something just for the new mall, but in recent months I have noticed other design changes such as the new field of red behind the menu on the web site for Pittsburghlive.

New red newspaper box for Valley News Dispatch, 4th Ave. at Corbet St., TarentumToday I had my first sighting of a shiny new freestanding red and black newspaper box in Tarentum. Maybe I missed a press release or news story about the Trib papers changing their look. I rather like the striking new appearance, but I'm not sure what it is intended to communicate. It definitely gets my attention.

I just hope it is not part of a secret plot to turn Pennsylvania into a red state.

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Stewart said...

Today I saw that the newspaper box on Corbet at Fifth has now been replaced by a new red and black one.