Saturday, January 07, 2006

"You don't live here"

I've been trying to figure out why one of the anonymous commenters on this blog seems to think it is significant that I am not living in Tarentum. It feels as if the suggestion is being made that caring about Tarentum and what happens here is inappropriate for a non-resident.

Let me tell you Central Presbyterian Church's story about Hurricane Ivan.

Central Presbyterian Church is an official FEMA emergency shelter. We make sure the Tarentum Fire Departments know how to reach officers of our church in case any of the large apartment buildings in our neighborhood require evacuation. We don't get paid or rewarded for doing this; it is simply part of our church's role in the community, and something we can do because of the capacity of our building.

Early on the evening of September 17, 2004 two officers of our church heard about the flooding along Bull Creek, and heard that some people were being evacuated. We did not know the scope of the problem. We took the initiative to call the Fire Department to ask whether our church was needed as a shelter, and we were encouraged to open our doors.

So two officers of the church, one a resident of Harrison township, and the other a resident of Lower Burrell, opened the building and waited at the church in case the number of people being evacuated from the Bull Creek flood plain exceeded the capacity of the fire hall that was being used as a staging area for the evacuees.

There was a power outage in the neighborhood that night; so the church was without lights for a few hours during the flooding. We lit some candles. The two non-residents may not have been engaged in heroic rescue actions for which they lacked training, but they waited at the church (and not in their homes) in case it became necessary to extend hospitality to local flood victims.

It is no secret to Tarentum Borough that Central was the first church in the community to open its doors in case it was needed as a shelter that evening.

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Anonymous said...

Pastor Pollock know one is saying the church did nothing we know along with others know and the majority of Tarentum know what a wonderful church we have and all the good it does. You need to go to the borough building and get a copy of the flood zone. The areas of Davidson/Curtis/Cedar Streets are not in the flood zone. This was changed in when the expressway was finished. Please have your facts correct before you speak. You say “the Bull Creek flood plain” did you mean the people on Creek Street only? Because as I have said get the map because the rest of the people affected where not in the Flood Zone. And also remember if someone is in a “Flood Zone” and has a mortgage the must have flood insurance. That is fact. I know of many people in that area that had flood insurance and guess what. The insurance gave them nothing, and that again is fact. You know how insurance companies work. So many little holes. One being if the water never reaches the first floor of living space you get nothing. Please check into this I think you will find in a shame. I know the folks from Hosanna. They are the kindest hard working people I have ever met. They helped so many. Before you make statements you should talk to the people who are complaining. There is always two sides. You know how the paper is also they print what they want. Also can we let this go? I along with some others from church would like to see things about us. I don’t like what I am hearing lately from others in the community about this blog site. I was in a coffee shop the other day after leaving Family Services and was taken back about how vulgar the person in the shop was in talking about Tarentum. I went back to Family Services and was told that is why they don’t go over. What is happening to us. This is Tarentum a proud community with a long past. Just like our church. Let’s talk about what good we do on the blog. See you in church.

Anonymous said...

"know one?"

For crying out loud.

Sadie Mae56 said...

The insurance gambit can be tiring as well as frustrating. I would not want to be one of the many who have suffered such devistation in their lives and have nothing but heart felt compassion for what they are going through right now, and I have offered may services in any way possible. However, there was a question posed to Pastor Pollock as to what his interest in our town was. He attends regular council meetings, keeps his parishoners informed of all happenings in our town and the surrounding areas, he is the Chaplin for our fire department, and he makes it a point to learn about our town's history as well as looking to it's future. I believe that pretty well shows an interest. These are not his only functions with Central. He is active in so many other areas that benifit our town. We are very fortunate to have him here with us. Too bad more of our local politicians don't behave as he does and show more interest and compassion for their own residents.

Not sure what it is you are hearing in town. Maybe you could be a little more specific. I frequent the coffee shop you mentioned. They have an area in the back where folks sit and read the newspaper and comment on what they have read or the current events in town. I hope you are not speaking of the people at Family Services. The coffee shop does quite a good business with them and so do a few other businesses in and around town. Maybe you should talk to the ones who are carrying the news to you or the ones complaining. I'm quite sure if you were offended by someone's behavior and had brought it to the owners or an employee's attention, the situation would have been rectified immediately.

This is a great blog spot. Pass the word.

Stewart said...

In response to the anonymous commenter of January 7, at 1:57 PM:

Welcome to my world.

Stewart said...

To the anonymous commenter of January 7, at 11:59 AM:

A reasonable reader might read your statements about "what a wonderful church we have", "I along with some others from church", and "just like our church", and then draw the conclusion that you are suggesting that you are a member of Central Presbyterian Church. Are you sure that is the impression you want to give?