Monday, January 23, 2006

Sometimes instead of playing "Twenty Questions" one plays "One Question" twenty times

Sign informing about relocation of Corbet Street's Central PerkAfter being away for part of a week, today was the first time I had the occasion to walk past the old location of Corbet Street's Central Perk in Tarentum.

A sign in the shop window now says "Relocating - Thank you for your business & your patience."

A person with a short term memory deficit may have a hard time assimilating such a simple message. One such individual saw me taking this picture of the sign in the window.

He asked me, "What caused the coffee shop's downfall?"

I pointed to the sign and answered that the shop was moving to a new location and that there had not been a downfall.

The same questioner then asked again, "But what caused the coffee shop's downfall?"

Same answer.

I'll be glad when the shop opens in its new location and I get a new question.

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Sadie Mae56 said...

Hey Gary! Good thing you only have 18 more to go...