Saturday, January 28, 2006

A visit to the Affogato Coffee Bar

Affogato Coffee BarLast night I visited the Affogato Coffee Bar in Bellevue to hear Nadina Bembic perform. I had tried to gather a group of folks who have been missing the coffee at Corbet Street's Central Perk in Tarentum, but in the end it was a rather small expedition.

Affogato has three connected rooms for various types of socializing. The large entry room includes a circular bar. There is a more intimate space for a performer.

A game of Scrabble being played in the back roomThere is a back room where I saw some young people playing Scrabble and Boggle. The bookshelves in the back room had magazines, books, and children's books. A number of times during the evening I saw parents walk their children to the bookshelves to select a new book for the child to read. This was definitely a child-friendly environment.

Nadina Bembic at the keyboard
This was my first opportunity to hear Nadina Bembic perform her alternative Christian jazz live. She performed a number of songs that I have heard through her website, as well as some new music she is preparing for a CD that I hope will come out soon. Her music is very personal and powerful.
Nadina playing the harp
She played the keyboard and harp in the course of the evening.

Tori Day

As an additional treat for the evening, Dina's niece played and sang during the breaks.

It was a bit of a drive from Tarentum, but an evening well-spent.

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