Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hard to find good coffee in Tarentum this week

It has been hard to find good coffee in Tarentum this week. I've had to settle for McDonald's coffee on my way to work.

Corbet Street Central Perk's window during the Christmas season 2005
Shop owner Ginger Sopcak has informed me that Central Perk is in the process of relocating from 410 Corbet Street to a new location that will be announced in due course.

Contrary to the over-active local rumor mill, the coffee shop did not close for good and has not moved out of town. No coffee was burned during the packing, no filters were folded, and no humans were harmed. The packing and cleaning that began during the daylight hours on Saturday afternoon continued late as long as the shop owner had capable assistance available.

I for one am looking forward to learning where the new location will be.

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Sadie Mae56 said...

Pastor, thank you for dispelling some of the rumors about the coffee shop. I was one of those people helping out that evening to move and clean up the shop and I find it insulting to know that instead of looking into why the shop closed it was easier to become a target by some of the folks in this town. Maybe it was wishful thinking on their parts that the business was closing. Now that they know it will re-open soon, I guess that kind of bursts a few bubbles.

Fortunately I purchased a few pounds of coffee prior to the shop's relocating. I just hope it's enough to last me until it reopens.

I'm sure things will "Perk" up soon enough.