Sunday, December 11, 2005

Allegheny Valley Habitat dedicates new home in Arnold; oh, the Steelers won also

newest home dedicated by Habitat for Humanity Allegheny Valley, 12-11-05Habitat for Humanity of Allegheny Valley dedicated a new home in Arnold today at about 3:00 PM. At the local affiliate's board meeting last week there was some discussion about the fact that the Steelers would be playing at the same time. But the date had been set, the house was rapidly approaching completion, the year was quickly coming to an end, finishing touches being applied to new Habitat home by Tom Hughes, 12-11-05
and there was no way to change the date. So plans went ahead for the dedication regardless of what football or the weather might do to affect the turnout.

I drove in through the falling snow and was early enough to take some pictures of the preparations, such as Tom Hughes installing the striker plate on the front door. All present were very pleased with the new home.

Gallery showing the history of the new Habitat home, 12-11-05There was a gallery of photographs showing the story of the construction of this house, for which Youth United raised the funds. American Eagle Outfitters made a major challenge grant which the young people matched. Young people from some of the church youth groups who had participated in the fundraising were present for the celebration.

Bobbi Livingston family, 12-11-05The dedication included a candlelighting ceremony. The candlelight was a symbol of love, knowledge, and cheer, as well as a reminder that Jesus had explained that he was the light of the world. Dr. James Legge, president of the board of the local affiliate, lit a candle, and shared its light with the Livingston family for whom the house will be their new home. The family then shared the light with the rest of us.

The local affiliate presented the Livingston family with a Bible. The Building Committee also gave them a set of tools that they will need as new homeowners.

Watch for tomorrow's Valley News Dispatch for an article about the house dedication. And if you happened to have missed both the dedication and the Steelers game you'll have an extra reason to read the paper.

Sign for Allegheny Valley Habitat house, 12-11-05

Update 12-12-05: The Valley News Dispatch has the Habitat house dedication as the big story with picture on the front page today. The Steelers' victory also gets mentioned in a reference to Section C.

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