Saturday, December 10, 2005

When in doubt, misdirect

The old Smothers Brothers routine from 1962 comes to mind this morning. They sang a song called "Chocolate." It began with Tom singing the first verse, "I fell into a vat of chocolate."

Dick asked, "What did you do?" So Tom sang the next verse, "I yelled 'Fire!' when I fell into the chocolate."

Dick asked, "Why did you yell 'Fire?'" Tom's response was "Nobody would have helped me if I had yelled 'CHOCOLATE!'"

The Layman Online has an article "UCC pastor elected commissioner to GA," which discusses some of the same issues I wrote about here. Guess what! The big news is that Pittsburgh Presbytery elected five Presbyterian ministers as its commissioners to the next General Assembly. It also elected five Presbyterian elders. And the total number of commissioners elected was ten. The total number of Presbyterians elected as commissioners elected was ten. You do the math.

So why does the headline begin with "UCC"? I guess it's because nobody would have gotten worked up if they'd yelled "PRESBYTERIAN!"

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