Thursday, December 15, 2005

Power failure at not related to acquisition

For the last day or so I, along with who knows how many other users, have been having trouble using the social bookmarking service. Yesterday afternoon I had time to look up at least the fact that other people were having the same problem, and in the process I noticed what I had not known, that Yahoo had acquired (or here); a useless bit of information for me the user.

The system troubles have been going longer than expected, and I finally came across the fact that has a blog where more information is available. The difficulties started with a power outage somewhere, and don't appear to have been introduced by being integrated into the Yahoo system.

For me, the extended downtime just means I will have some extra posting to do once the system is up, and meanwhile I am somewhat handicapped in remembering what tags I had created for certain topics on which I have posted. But reading the comments on the service's blog post about the difficulties shows the many ways people have been using the service, all of which does emphasize how important social bookmarking services have become as tools for managing a rapidly expanding amount of information.

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