Thursday, December 01, 2005

Pittsburgh Presbytery meeting at Bakerstown: 1. Preliminary observations

This afternoon I will be attending the meeting of Pittsburgh Presbytery at the First Presbyterian Church of Bakerstown. I will be going with a special task to accomplish.

For some time the Rev. Mary Lee Talbot has been writing an excellent report after each meeting called "AfterWords." It describes the relational and interpersonal aspect of the Presbytery meeting. It is not an official report, but is very helpful in building connections within a meeting of a large number of people. Mary Lee cannot be at the whole meeting, but she has seen the way I have blogged the last two Presbytery meetings, so she asked if I could fill in for her today. I said yes. I've heard of guest bloggers, but today I guess this makes me the guest "AfterWorder."

As I prepare to go to this meeting I am very aware that the familiarity of the route gives me space to relax and look forward to the meeting. The published directions to the meeting do not even describe the route I already know I will follow from Tarentum -- straight across on the Red Belt to Route 8.

The papers for the meeting are already online here. I've made time this week to download them all and scan them for things that will be important.

The packet for the meeting includes a good cover letter from Pastor Jim Mead. The letter identifies a few anticipated highlights of the meeting. At the top of Pastor Mead's list is the exciting news that the Presbytery will have an opportunity to elect a new Stated Clerk at this meeting. I like the candidate's resume and look forward to meeting him.

Pastor Mead also uses about half of the cover letter to encourage us all in our spiritual disciplines.
How are you doing, dear saints, with your spiritual disciplines? Prayer, dwelling in the word, and Sabbath-keeping in particular. I’m back on track, with the help of the Surfing the Edge Pastor Team and my colleagues on the Presbytery staff. It’s a busy time—and about to go into really high gear with Advent. Make time for the things that make all the rest of it work.
Very important advice for all of us in church leadership during this season.

My next post in this blog will be after the Presbytery meeting and will also appear as part of the Presbytery's "AfterWords."

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